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Get the up to date milking equipment

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They can handle large milking and as well as storing the milk for a required period of time. With expertise, bulk milk coolers are manufactured in different sizes, i.e. the IBT model and the DX model. All the milking equipment is designed to match the standard quality and expectations of consumers. The equipment is CFC free and […]

milking machine

What Is The Difference Between Double Bucket And Single Bucket Electric Milking Machine?

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It is one of the most effective dairy equipment that helps the farmers to save their time and efforts for producing milk with the retained quality of the milk. Milking machine is available with the different capacity and types as mainly there are two types Single bucket milking machine Electric motor operated single bucket milking machine is manufactured […]

khoya making machine

Automatic Khoya Making Machines

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The machines and equipment easily and effectively used have helped the milk farmers achieve a good standard. There is a great output in milk and its products which is at the same time promising. Machines, like Khoya making machines, have helped the farmers to a greater extent. The Khoya making machines, automatically prepare Khoya from […]