We offer our clients with a wide range of diary equipments among of which the most commonly chosen device is Butter Churn Machine. The dairy products are made by processing of raw milk to produce butter, condensed milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, dry milk etc.

We have become the leading and popular dairy equipment supplier in Haryana for delivering the high precision designed and superiorly functional devices.

What is Butter Churner Made of?

Butter Churner is made from stainless steel, low carbon steel and other alloys featuring high strength and durability. It is used in preparing table butter that involve moisture control mechanisms and is suitable in offering high butter yield.

The combination of high class steel with advanced technology, makes our butter churner fit for the modern diary industry. The device consists of an opening gate for pouring adding and other additives. The churner swifts to attain a rotary effect to provide sleek and convenient performance and can be frequently used for a long period with minor operator assistance.

What is Butter Churning?

Churning refers to shake the cream to produce butter. Changing the whole milk to butter is a process of transforming a fat in water emulsion. Butter is created from cream that is extracted from the whole milk and then quenched. Churning physically agitates the cream as it damages the delicate membranes surrounding the milk fat. Through continuous churning, fat collects as long as they start to develop a layer with air bubbles to produce the butter.

What we offer?

With our immense experience in manufacturing dairy equipments, we offer our clients an extreme quality butter churner that is designed with the best class material following the industrial standards. The device is well tested in the different states to ensure its flawless performance. We can custom fabricate the device in the different specifications as per the requirements of our customers.

Butter Churner Features

  1. Easy and safe functionality
  2. Fully tested
  3. Durable structure and design
  4. Prolong service life
  5. Easy maintenance
  6. Precise engineering
  7. High efficiency
  8. Nominal maintenance required
  9. Corrosion resistant and abrasion proof construction material
  10. Rigorous quality testing for guaranteed prolong service
  11. Competitive industrial price


We are the popular and superior quality Butter churner manufacturer and supplier in Haryana serving the clients across India. We are engaged in delivering the best quality Milk Diary equipments that are invaluable in terms of their performance. Our equipments are designed in compliance of the industrial guidelines to ensure their impeccable service for a long term. The quality is tested at the various levels to deliver the flawless device that can meet your needs. Our customers enjoy our extensive expertise in manufacturing the dairy equipments. Clients can order the butter churner in the diverse customized options as per their application requirements.

We can build small to large capacity butter churners using the high quality steel grades that are corrosion resistant and rust proof providing guaranteed quality service without the requirement of regular maintenance. Contact us today to receive a quote.