Khoya Machine in Punjab

The right milking machines for your farm

NK is the leading milking machine manufacturers in India and with the latest technology; the only experts have dedicated themselves to providing durable and up to date machinery. Machinery is a worldwide practice at any farm or industry due to the aesthetic benefits it creates. Milking machine in Punjab is one of the fastest growing practices with a high prospection.


Features of the milking machine

  1. The vacuum pump

The main purpose of the vacuum pump is to eliminate the air from the milking machine and create a vacuum.

  1. The Inceptor

The Inceptor prevents dust and undesired substances from entering the vacuum pump.

  1. The vacuum Regulator

Its main role is to maintain the desired amount of vacuum. It is an automatic air valve that fizzes continuously while the milking process is going on.

  1. The Pulsator (valves)

There are two main divisions of the milking machine or system. The vacuum side and the pulsator side. The pulsator side acts as an intermediate leading to them opening and closing of the liners after which the milk flows

  1. Claws

The best claws are provided with no filters in order to prevent flooding

  1. The teat cups and the teat liner

The teat cup liners are made from rubber that prevents any inflammation from occurring to the teats. The rubber is a soft material that relaxes the teats and one can milk the cows frequently without causing injury or damage to the teats. The teat cups, on the other hand, are made from stainless steel and with the help of these two features; the milk is extracted thoroughly from the teats

  1. The Milking Cluster

This is attached to the teat while milking the cow or buffalo. It is further designed with teat cups, a rubber liner and the pipes that act as the pathways for the milk.

The milking system

The milking system can be easily mastered by the operator for efficiency and effectiveness. The milking machine exporter in Punjab explains the process of milking an animal with a milking machine begins when the vacuum pump creates a vacuum on the pulsator side and the vacuum side thereby eliminating the air from the system once it is switched on. There is a maintained vacuum when the teat cups are attached to the animal. The milk will thoroughly flow through the tubes to the tank where it is kept for a short period of time

Milking machines and other equipment like Khoya machines are suitable machines for any farm. A Khoya machine in Punjab can be attained at a very low price yet durable and user-friendly

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