When you need to choose the Khoya making machine, NK Diary Equipments are for you. We have received utmost reputation in delivering the highly efficient Khoya Making machine to our clients. The device is fully automatic to ensure its easy and trouble-free use. Considering the diverse of requirements of customers, the device is made in the various sizes for required production. It is hygienic and is made in the custom capacities varying from 20 – 1000 liters.

The khoa is made in the kettles and is prepared quickly within a few minutes such as about 20 minutes even of 20L milk.

Features of Khoa Making Machine

  • Prolong service
  • Non-toxic
  • No heat release and temperature resistant
  • Reusable condensate water
  • Easy to handle by single operator
  • Trouble free service
  • Portable and robust
  • High efficiency
  • Competitive price in the industry
  • One year warranty
  • Highly durable and minor maintenance required

NK Diaries become your specialized partner in offering the highly functional and user friendly Khoya making machine that is constructed following the requirements of our customers. The machines can be manufactured in the various sizes.

An introduction of this versatile device has revolutionized the way, the khoya is produced. It is automatic and retains the natural taste maintaining the whole characteristics and nutrients of milk. However simple design, it meets your purposes efficiently. This multipurpose machine can also be used in making various sweet items such as burfi, penda, Basundi, Cashewnut and other items on the large scale.


The khoya making machine is built to provide the sturdy structure that can withstand longer operation hours. For the advantage and convenience of our customers, the containers are covered and machine is provided with handles for easy portability.

Watch in Action


  1. Preparation of Khoya from Milk
  2. Preparation of Basundi/Rabadi
  3. Preparation of Khoya Barfi, Kalakand, Kunda, Kaju Katli, Besan Laddu, Sohan Papdi,
  4. Roasting Masala ingredients
  5. Boiling milk for preparation of paneer/curd
  6. Condensing Milk for ice – cream/kulfi
  7. Preparation of ghee form cream/butter
  8. Concentration of various fruit pulps
  9. Preparation of Ketch – ups, sauces, corn flour mix
  10. Preparation of various ayurvedic syrups, creams, medicines
  11. Preparation of Chocolate mix

Our Khoya making machine is highly demanded by our customers for its outstanding characteristics such as firm structure, high strength and corrosion resistance.

We are manufacturing the khoya making equipments on the turnkey basis by using the stainless steel, carbon steel and other hygienic alloys that do not affect the milk and khoya quality. With our vast experience in the dairy industry, we can manufacture and deliver the excellent quality device that you need for making khoya in your milk plant.

The machine offered has the finest design with extensive sturdiness. We have earned wide appreciation from our clients for its good speed and high efficiency in preparing khoya. The device is available at us at the very reasonable price.

Our Khoya Mava making machine is also an energy saver by less consuming the fuel and offers impeccable performance with longer service that make it ideal for your plant. So if you need this equipment, contact us today, we will take the pleasure to provide complete information about the device and offer a quick quote today. You can reach us by email or phone easily.