hot air oven

Hot Air Oven

For Laboratory Use. Sturdy, durable, double walled construction – inner chamber made of thicker gauge anodized Aluminium sheet and outer casing of Mild steel sheet finished in long lasting enamel colour. The gap of 75mm between two walls is filled with high grade, pure white glass wool. Heating elements are placed in ribs at the bottom and on the side walls. Adjustable air ventilators are placed near the top of the sides. Also incorporates a built-in horizontal ‘L’ shaped thermometer with range 0 to 250°C is fitted. The temperature is controlled by a precision thermostat with temperature range from 5°C above ambient to 250°C with a sensitivity of ±1°C. The outer case fitted with two pilot lamps, thermostat knob and ON/OFF switch. Supplied complete with two perforated shelves adjustable at any level. Operates on 220-240V AC, 50Hz. Includes 3-core mains cord.
Inner Chamber of Anodized Aluminium sheet
Chamber size: 350x350x350mm

Product code: LE-1