Milking Parlor Auto Tandem

Here, in Nk dairy equipments you find the high-quality products which are made with the highest requirements in order to provide comfort and efficiency to your cows.
Well, our milking parlor is totally different from others. Let’s have a look at our milking parlor.
• With our milking parlors, you can milk the cows individually, which increases throughput.
• Separate boxes of parlor offer you perfect view of cattle, that will help you to make the process easy.
• Our milking parlor is suitable for all types of buildings.
• In addition, we are dealing with a variety of products, you can choose according to your requirements and needs.
Affordable, economic, and individual milking is the right choice in order to increase milk production. Nk dairy equipments AutoTandem milking parlor is made with a high level of automation and advanced technology so that you can get all the benefits easily.
AutoTandem is the name of the system which makes the milking process so easy. This means your cow feel more comfortable and it is also useful to reduce your burden. This AutoTandem offer you the best results, so you do not need to go with any other type of product. Let’s have a look at results which are offered by AutoTandem Milking parlor-:
• Stall control system with effective light sensors
• Cattle-friendly dimensions of individual stalls
• An automatic control system in order to change the animal
• Have low-noise gates which are powered by high-quality vacuum cylinders.
• These are constructed with hot-dip galvanized and offer you the long-lasting results.
• Hygienic, easy to use, and safe integration of all the operating control panels and other electronics.
With these parlors, there is no need to wait for cattle which actually slow down the milking process. And you do not need any type of human labor in order to milk the cows and other dairy framing works. With the help of our milking parlor, you can simply keep an eye on each and every animal.

How AutoTandem improves milker conditions?

Well, not everyone is aware of it that AutoTandem is useful to improve the milker’s
condition. This is valuable to improve your condition, as we mentioned above you do not need to hire human labor in order to control your dairy farm or for the milking process. You can simply milk the cows with this milking parlor. Which is useful to save your time, efforts, and money as well. It means you remain placid and stress-free during the milking session because you also do not need to do anything with your hands. In this way, it will surely improve milk productivity and profit also.
The variable milking parlor system
These milking parlors are available in different sizes and shapes according to the structure of your dairy farming. These include-:
• L-shapes
• U-shapes
• And one-sided milking parlors
Precision Livestock Farming
in order to keep your cows and other animals in good condition, you need to manage them in a good manner. For this, Nk dairy Equipments make a system known as DairyManagementSystem 21, which is useful to collect all the data automatically.
Metatron P21
Metatron is the device which is useful to manage the milking process effectively. Actually, this does not only offer you the best user friendly features but also useful to place in any ergonomic position. In addition to this, the positioning and operation of the integrated DPNet gate control system offer you fast group changeovers.

Benefits of AutoTandem Milking parlor
• Smoother, easy to use, and steadier.
• Construct with modular design and advanced technology
• Comfortable for each animal.
• Offer you high-performance and quality milk.

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