We offer you the best quality tandem milking parlor , that is suitable for buffalo and cow milking. The tandem milking parlor is made up of stainless steel and characterized by individual boxes, that gives you a full-length view of the animal. This tandem milking parlor is providing you a faster milking process and also-:

• Modern design for variable positioning of the milking stalls
• Stainless steel pit edge protection
• Easy and safe human-animal interaction
• An individual stall offers you higher efficiency
• Manual or semi-automatic animal traffic control

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Our company is dealing in high-quality herringbone milking parlors. The efficient front exit guarantees that the time spent in the parlor is short and that throughput is high. Our herringbone parlors are usually designed to save time and boost efficiency. Some other benefits are-:

• Simple to use and easy access to milkers.
• Great system for long and narrow parlors.
• The animals will easily find their places.
• Great working posture
• quick exit.
• Simple activity and easy cleaning of the milking parlor

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We are at the front line of rotary milking systems</a> with more experience than any other individual accessible in the market. These systems are among the most proficient and financially savvy arrangements accessible to the advanced dairy farmer. It additionally offers you many features such as-:

• Rotary milking parlors are more efficient and consistent for large stalls.
• The platform speed can be controlled according to animal groups milking time.
• It is a well-known as time savvy component because milkers do not waste time walking from animal to animal.

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Our company is dealing deal in high-quality milking products with modern technology. The dairy animals are standing parallel and near one another. This spares a great deal of running time for the milker. Milking is conducted specifically from behind the cow’s rear legs in this way giving protected and simple access to the udder. It has so many advantages include-:

• Short walking lines
• Ergonomic working posture
• The possibility of dunging plate or chain
• Extremely fast exit.
• Large capacity and minimum waiting period

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We are well-known as the highly dependable association which supply, trade, and give service to premium cluster of Dairy Equipment. Our dairy equipments are basically utilized for purification, homogenization and clarification of the milk items for business purposes. Our dairy equipments are exceptionally efficient and reliable for enduring use.

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