Herringbone Parlours

Do you want efficient milking?

Do you want a strong and durable design of milking parlor?

Are you seeking for comfort and safety of the udder?

If the answer to all above questions is ‘Yes’ then Herringbone Parlours is the solution for you as it is the innovative and customized solution for making the milking convenient and safe. Herringbone milking parlors ensure the quick, stress-free milking procedure for cows and for the milkers.

Creative Design of Herringbone Milking Parlors

Herringbone milking parlors are known due to their high functionality and their best and creative throughput design. In this milking parlor, the machines are positioned in the middle like the spine of the fish between the two aisles with sufficient space for the udder. The udder comes into the parlor and lines up in the spine of the fish creating two rows of the cows.

The milkers move up and down in a sunken pit attaching the milking machine from the side of the parlor at the exact level of the cow to ensure the comfortable milking procedure for the cow. There are some additional benefits of this milking parlor as follows:

  1. The world proven design and concepts of Herringbone parlors are suitable for both stall and pasture rearing.
  2. The creative front exit of the machine ensures the lesser time spent in the parlor and the higher throughput during this time.
  3. These milking parlors are easy to operate and clean so are also beneficial for the milkers.
  4. Even the milkers can have shorter working paths, an ergonomic and safe working environment with these milking parlors.

Various Designs of Herringbone Milking Parlors

Following are some popular designs of these milking parlors that ensures the comfortable, quick and safe milking for milkers and for cows

Challenger 40

It is the full-featured design of herringbone parlor having dimensions 36" and 42". This value oriented milking stall ensures the high performance given at affordable cost.

Euroclass 1200/1200RE

It is the milking parlor that accelerates the milking process but by being gentle on the cows. It is the combination of two important concepts of milking that are animal-friendly and quality with fast throughput. The innovative design of this herringbone parlor may ensure you to have an eye on the entire system and the cows and even ensures the high performance.

Euroclass 800/850/800 RE

It is the compact and innovative design of herringbone parlor that allows the milkers to milk the large herds even in the small space. It also ensures the fast and gentle milking procedure for animals and helps to improve the quality of milk and total yields.

Global 45

It is the herringbone milking parlor that can give you the flexibility and expandability side by side. Even the intelligent design of the milking parlor ensures the high durability of parlor and throughput. It is ideal to have customizable milking procedure so also help to reduce your expenditures.

INDEXA Goat and sheep Rapid exit

it is also an innovative design of milking parlor to have the exact position of milking for the animals that are ensured by indexing gates of the parlor. In this parlor the cows self load the stalls faster and in an adequate manner. After the completion of milking procedure breast, rail lifts up that allows a rapid exit. This design can help you to milk the number of animals per hour and can reduce the labor cost and stress.

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