Rotary Milking Systems

Due to an increase in the standards of modern dairy farming, new technologies are entering into the field that is reducing the stress of milking and improving the throughput, one such technology is the rotary milking system. This modern milking system allows the milkers to fine tune their milking routine with faster cow traffic and simplified overview of milking stalls and even this milking parlor offer a high level of comfort for the cow.

Following are some benefits of rotary milking systems:

  • Rotary milking parlors are ideal solutions for stall and pasture rearing.
  • It comes with a comprehensive range of solutions and options.
  • It ensures the smooth milking routine at a constant speed with great efficiency and comfort.
  • Its efficient working lower down the labor costs.
  • It allows the milkers to have flexible solutions that can be set at different levels of automation.
  • It is suitable for small and large herds that are way up to full day milking operation.
  • These durable milking parlors are designed to be energy efficient and profitable investment for dairy farms.

Rotary Milking Parlor Range

We offer a great range of modern and creative designs of the rotary system. Some latest flagship products are mentioned below:

IDuro single Beam parlor

This design of rotary milking parlor allows seamless integration of all automation milking components and milking equipment so is ideal to grow the business.

AutoRotor Capri 90

It helps to improve the throughput by giving the great yield with comfortable and gentle milking process. It combines the stress-free handling of cows with economic interests so that you could attain your milking goals.

Autorotor Global 90

It is the most efficient and ideal solution for the dairy farms as it increases the throughput and yields to make your business profitable. It ensures the stress-free and gentle milking with the production of high- quality milk. It is having the lowest cost and simple installation process.

AutoRotor Magnum 40

It is easy to use and animal-friendly milking parlor that ensures the higher throughput. Its great design gives the better access to the animal and also ensures the clean and hygienic environment in the parlor. Its gentle rotation and regulated entry ensure the great comfort for animals.

AutoRotor Mangum 90

This milking parlor is very efficient so ideal for you if you want to have fast and gentle milking of large herds. Its intelligent design optimizes the all working process including milking, cleaning of the system and attaching the milking components.

AutoRotor performer plus

It is a quite efficient milking parlor that can work continuously at a constant pace with the rotation of 24to 80milking stalls. It can increase the throughput of a milked cow per hour by shortening the absolute milking times.

Dairy Rotor T8900

It is having the leading edge efficiency and developed for the milkers with large farms. This rotary milking parlor can easily turn your efforts in productivity. It has an extremely flexible design with customization so help you to attain milking goals.

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