Rasgulla, Rassberri, Gulab jamun, Long gulab jamun, Cham cham, Rasmalai, Pedha Khir mohan, Malai chap

India is a land of many sweet dishes and among them; we have our popular “Gulab Jamun” and “Rasgulla”. These two sweet dishes can be served after a meal or they can do in case one is not able to prepare a meal. Making the above-mentioned sweet dishes require time and patience to attain the best results.

Today, making different types of sweet dishes requires less effort since there are machines manufactured and highly designed to reduce human effort and time. One of them is the Gulab Jamun making machine which is commonly used in canteens, restaurants, hotels, or by other sweet makers.

Standard Gulab Jamun making machines manufactured and supplied by NK Dairy Equipment consist of the following;


  • Different length, i.e. 2.5ft, 4.5ft, & 7ft
  • Full S.S Body
  • Hooper capacity- less or 3 Kg, 300 Watt
  • A collection tray
  • A toughened body

Advantages of our Gulab Jamun Making Machine

  • High-quality sweets- you will taste the best sweets with the help of our machine
  • Easy to operate- our machine doesn’t require technical knowledge and it is user friendly
  • Easy to clean- you can easily open it for during cleaning
  • Highly efficient
  • Easy storage containers
  • It is compact in size
  • Food grades Contact parts
  • Requires less maintenance costs- it can easily be repaired
  • Easily operated by a single individual- no need for hiring more labour

We are also experts in manufacturing high-quality and user friendly Rasgulla making machines which are attained at an affordable cost. We provide automatic and semi-automatic Rasgulla making machine in the whole of India


  • Moderate power consumption of 2.24KW
  • Total weight-355 to 400 Kg
  • Medium sized balls
  • Machine type- M.S & S.S
  • Height-72
  • Width- 36
  • Toughened body- Stainless steel

Advantages of the Modern Rasgulla making machine

  • User friendly- there are no complications to face while using this modern machine
  • Low power consumption- Our machine requires less power and it will lower the total production expenditure
  • Easy to operate- you don’t need help from any other person
  • Highly efficient- you will enjoy your work in a lesser period of time
  • Excellent shape and size- the machine is designed in the best shape and takes less space
  • High-quality products- Due to the quality of our Rasgulla making machine with no defaults, a systematic process is assured for high-quality sweets
  • Easy storage containers- you don’t need to struggle with containers immediately after making your favorite sweet, the storage space is provided

Achieving high standards in the sweet making industry

Sweets are commonly made at home or at any other commercial bakery. Using of high-standard machines to achieve quality sweets is now the main target of producers.

 Using machines will facilitate the following

  1. Improving the state of hygiene

Many sweet shops tend to be dirty and filled with flies. This can scare away customers due to fear of diseases like diarrhea and so on.

  1. Providing fresh and quality sweets

Using machines improves the quality of sweets and as well keeps them fresh from human contact and germs. These machines also help to reduce wastage due to spoilage that occurs at times

  1. Reducing on manpower

Rasgulla and Gulab Jamun machines can be operated by a single person, meaning that you won’t need to employ extra workers

  1. Improve the standards

Machinery is well-known for improving workflow and time. It is a perfect replacement of human labour

  1. Long-term investment

Generally, these machines are assets and can be used for many years with less maintenance